Wholistic Design is a process of design that honours your experience as a whole being. Design is inherently thought of as visual, but, as humans, we are so much more than visual beings. Great design factors in all of our senses and our emotions. Wholistic Design is a way of designing for results that both look and feel great while helping you align with your calling and intentions.

It’s intentional

Wholistic Design is also a way of intentionally planning what you create so that your outcomes align with your intention. This process can be applied to your brand, space and life. It involves understanding where you have come from, where you are going, and what you are called to create.

It’s for your whole being

Wholistic Design requires you to use your full being, mind-body-spirit, or some may prefer the terms head-heart-gut, to make decisions and actions that are integrated with your whole being. It asks you to show up intentionally with your body wisdom, intuition and strategic thinking to create from a place of alignment. It is not about pushing ahead, rather taking inspired, healthful action.

It’s integrated

If you are looking for a way of sharing acknowledging your greatest lessons, both lived and learned, to make a greater impact, if you are longing to approach life in an integrated way and create and share more beauty along the way, Wholistic Design is for you.


Beauty We believe that every person has a right to experience the harmonizing quality that beauty offers, the sense of wonder and peace that happens when we experience what we perceive as beautiful.

Intention We experience this as the mindful aspect of our work that allows a project to unfold with care, thoughtfulness and impact. In our world holding intention means that we are actively choosing the outcome we’d like, not in a forced way, but as a cradled, heart-felt acknowledgement of the contribution or difference we’d like to make.

Guidance A guide is someone who walks with you on the journey to help you see what you cannot see for yourself but requires reflection back. A guide offers input, skill, information and compassion. A guide listens deeply and offers insight, but ultimately a guide brings you closer to your own truth. We value being trusted as a guide on your journey.

Strategy Strategy keeps us grounded and connected to action. It gives us a map to follow and shows us where our activities can align with our intention to chart the way forward efficiently and clearly. Strategy eliminates ambiguity, minimizes uncertainty and makes decisions simple.