We are passionate about helping health professionals like you because you have answered a call to make a positive impact in the world, just like us.

The world needs your skills, and benefits from you sharing your gifts. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. In fact, spending your time on tasks that aren’t centered around your core skills can actually diminish the impact you’re trying to make. You’re an expert in your field, we are an expert in ours: helping your wellness business show up in the world as a clear representation of who you are, what the difference is you’re trying to make, and who you’re trying to speak to. We understand that you struggle with this – it’s actually really hard to get it right, but we have decades of combined experience to get it done with quality, speed, and affordably.

These are all signs that your brand needs some attention:

  • Your print materials all look different from each other and from your website
  • Your peers have great looking websites and you don’t
  • You don’t have a current useful visual identity guidelines sheet
  • You use MS Word to do your signs and brochures
  • You take your own photos for your brand materials
  • People are regularly asking you to explain what your business is all about
  • Your business has grown or evolved but you’re still using the same brand version as before
  • You lack easy-to-use brand materials that your team can implement consistently
  • Your leads and clients are confused about what you offer
  • People complain about your prices (ie. your brand is not communicating your value)

We create custom, aligned brands and strategies to make your big vision a reality. I’ll guide you through the strategic process so you feel confident about your direction, offerings, online presence, and brand identity. You’ll discover why it’s so important to find a unique look-and-feel that resonates with your mission.

If you know there’s value in your business that’s not being realised, these offers are for you. Together we’ll unearth your long-term vision and get clear on your mission, your strengths, and your long term plan. We’ll establish an authentic look-and-feel that connects with your leads and clients. My comprehensive approach walks you through every detail of the brand experience that you provide.

You’ll get all of your essential promotional material with a detailed plan, guidelines, and training to carry it out with confidence. The clarity you’ll feel after this process is so worth the investment. You’ll stop wasting time with the muddled messaging, mismatched styling and generic promotions. You’ll feel confident and excited to share your message and mission, knowing that it feels as good as it looks and connects you with everyone that wants what you offer.

We’re so excited about sharing this with you and seeing you discover just how powerful your creative process is. Together we’ll lay the foundation for your biggest, wildest, most beautiful dreams to come true, as you discover how magnetic you are when you share with authenticity.

What You’ll Get:

  1.  A clear and executable strategic plan for your business that harnesses your highest value, vision, and mission,
  2. A new Brand Identity, including updated logo, fonts, colours, stock photos, and brand identity guidelines document,
  3. A website that looks fresh and effectively generates leads for your business (optional),
  4. A marketing plan tailored to your business that may include print materials (business cards, brochures, etc) or social media templates


This work helps you share your purpose and mission with clarity and confidence. Here are a few ways to know if working together would be a good fit:

  • Your business is mission-driven and you have a BAG (big audacious goal)
  • You don’t have defined Brand Identity Guidelines or need to refine what you do have
  • You have grown over time and need to reflect how you’ve evolved
  • You are ready to make a bigger impact and show up and shine for being YOU.


  • Visual Identity (logo, fonts, and colours)
  • Website Refresh
  • Print Materials (business cards, brochures, signs, letterhead, etc)
  • Brand Management/Direction (project/service development, business strategy)
  • Creative Direction (with other designers, photographers, videographers, social media influencers, etc.)
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Social Media Strategy and Ongoing Account Servicing
  • Complete Packages & Online Courses 

Wholistic Design is a three-part process. First we understand your story and dreams, than we chart your path forward, and finally we carry out the vision with design.

What Past Clients Had to Say:

Overall, I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to take the next step building their brand and business. No only does her process and support allow you to have greater understanding your target audience, it also brings more clarity and coherence to your brand in a way that allows you to really shine!

Julie Miller

Naturopathic Doctor

[Wholistic Design] did an amazing job with my brand. I went into it without a clear vision of who my target market was or how to communicate what I do.  Now I have an amazing brand that intuitively speaks to my ideal client, and represents the essence of my business.

Monique Walsh

Healthcare Leadership Manager

Our organization previously had inconsisent materials that weren’t connecting with our clients. [Wholistic Design] guided us back through our mission, vision, and values to refresh our brand identity, website, and print materials. Now everything is clear, consistent, and easy, which allows us to serve our community even better.

Nora-Lee Rear

Executive Director, Camrose Women's Shelter Society

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