Francine is a talented yoga teacher and trainer and life coach. I was honoured to work with Francine. She brings an embodied energy to her work and in her presence you can’t help but feel her serenity and humility. When we first spoke about Francine’s brand, she mentioned the peony blooms that she loves in her home town of Penticton B.C. LI immediately thought of how an ant opening the blossoms is like peeling back the layers of ourselves during growth. Sometimes something irks us into unfolding. As a life coach Francine knows this process well. We chose a feminine, gentle and earthy theme for Francine, with muted green and pink tones. I added some illustration and water colour to create a playful and whimsical touch.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Graphics, Copy Editing, Social Media Concept, Print Materials, Newsletter integration, Social Media Banners & Stationary Suite

Creative Direction & Design: Lisa

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