The body is a critical component of design and Wholistic Design strengthens the harmony that we can achieve on every level. If the body and the senses are not considered in the design process, visual beauty may result, but a sense of comfort and nourishment will be lost. Together we can create a space that looks and feels amazing. Considering your space when working with your brand and business is an essential and often overlooked component of your success.


Feng Shui is a way of creating your space with intention and a way of designing your space so that it supports the way you want to feel in your life. It is about achieving great design that works for you and a feeling of harmony with your environment. By using a Feng Shui framework, we can actively consider all areas of your life and how we can consciously incorporate your intentions into your spatial plan.

Feng Shui is an intentional process of spatial design that creates harmony and aligns your environment with your intention. 


Feng Shui considers seen and unseen factors to create harmony in your life through the use of space and belongings. It is a way of using your environment (interior/exterior, home/work) to honour the way you want to feel and how you want to live and work.

Great design is about so much more than creating visual beauty; it is a way of creating harmony that resonates on every level of your being and creates wellness, health, positivity and joy.

If you have struggled to feel great in your space, long to feel more at home, want your space to work for you, align with your dreams and health than Feng Shui can support you.

There is a technique and tip for difficult areas of your space, and you can work with Feng Shui  for minor and major transformations. It is a myth that Feng Shui requires a complete overhaul with superstitious items. Feng Shui is about making your space work for you and reflect your style.

I like to say that Feng Shui is like yoga for your space, it gets the energy moving, creates well-being and helps to create flow.


  • Brand informed design and display
  • Art Selection
  • Furniture or Accessory Recommendations
  • Layout Recommendations
  • Commercial or Residential Spaces
  • Floor Plan Analysis
  • Buying or Selling Feng Shui Tips
  • Brand/Commercial Displays
  • Colour/Fabric/Decor Selection
  • Recommendations on life transitions and space including healing spaces, adjustments during grief or loss, memorial spaces and more.
  • Space clearing, wellness practices and wholistic ways to harmonize space including sound, tools, organization, meditation etc.



Discovery Call, 15 min | Free

Are you curious about wholistic design and wondering if it is right for you? In this 15 minute call you can ask questions about the process, which offering would be the best for you and we can get to know each other. Use this consultation to discuss mindful offerings, Spatial projects or Brand Identity projects. 


Consult, 60 min| $200

In this hour long online Consult, you will find detailed guidance on an area of your business/home of your choosing or a more general overview of your space. You may decide to explore the overall floor plan, exterior and business/ home setting, a specific room, or general energy through the layout. You may choose to ask about layout, furniture placement, furnishings etc. It is recommended that you provide a floor plan ahead of time, either roughly hand drawn or architectural.


Design Clarity Session & Concept Board, 90 min + Concept Board | $500

Your design concept board and mission statement for your most powerful creations and purpose. This includes a 90 minute wholistic design session comes with a custom board to capture the look and feel of your essence and mission (can be used for BRAND or FENG SHUI/SPACE) . This will be an incredible tool for moving forward to share your vision with clarity, ease, confidence and joy. If you want design clarity, want some direction before going DIY or refining what you are working with for greater confidence this is the way to go. 


Custom projects are available. Please use the form below to share as many details as possible, or book a FREE discovery call.