Design Packages

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to step into an even bigger version of you online? Do your marketing materials just not feel like you?

These are all signs that your brand needs some love.

I create custom, aligned brands and strategies to make your big, beautiful dreams a reality. I’ll guide you through the creative process so you feel confident about your online presence and brand experience. You’ll discover why it can be simple to find a unique look and feel that resonates with your mission. If you’ve been feeling insecure about putting yourself out there, and know you are not putting your best self forward, these offers are for you. Together we’ll unearth your big dreams and get clear on your mission, your strengths and your vision of your future self. We’ll establish a look and feel that feels completely exciting and authentic and connects with your clients. My comprehensive approach walks you through every detail of the brand experience that you provide.

You’ll get all of your essential promotional material with a detailed plan, guidelines and training to carry it out with confidence. The clarity you’ll feel after this process is so worth the investment. You’ll stop wasting time with the wrong messaging, mismatched styling and generic promotions. You’ll feel confident and excited to share your message and mission, knowing that it feels as good as it looks and connects you with everyone that wants what you offer. I’m so excited about sharing this with you and seeing you discover just how powerful your creative process is. Together we’ll lay the foundation for your biggest, wildest, most beautiful dreams to come true, as you discover how magnetic you are when you share with authenticity.


A visual identity can help you share your purpose and mission with clarity and confidence. Here are a few ways to know if working together would be a good fit:

  • You are needing a Brand Identity or need to refine the one you have.
  • You are just getting started with your brand or you have grown over time and need to reflect how you’ve evolved.
  • You are longing for ways to express your whole story and bring all of your gifts and experience to your business.
  • You may feel nervous about standing out, but you know that you have an important calling to share with others.
  • Sometimes you may struggle to explain what you do because you have many gifts but aren’t sure how to communicate them all.
  • You are ready to make a bigger impact and show up and shine for being YOU.


  • Visual Identity (New or Updated)
  • Website Design
  • Print Media and Collateral
  • Brand Management/Direction
  • Creative Direction (with other designers photographers, videograhers, social media accounts etc.)
  • Photography & Video  Strategy
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Complete Packages & Online Courses 

Wholistic Design is a three part process. First we understand your story and dreams, than we chart your path forward, and finally we carry out the vision with design.



Design Clarity Session & Concept Board, 90 min + Concept Board | $500

Your design concept board and mission statement for your most powerful creations and purpose. This includes a 90 minute wholistic design session comes with a custom board to capture the look and feel of your essence and mission. This will be an incredible tool for moving forward to share your mission with clarity, ease, confidence and joy. If you want design clarity, want some direction before going DIY or refining what you are working with for greater confidence this is the way to go. This would be excellent before completing the online course or exploring as groundwork for a larger brand project. Note: Completed identity items (ex. logo/collateral) not included.


Brand Identity Package

Access a logo (two design concepts, one finished product in various formats- print, web, colour, black & white), brand fonts, colours, a styling sheet, a brand mission and values. This will become the essential kit for moving forward with all of your design items moving ahead. You’ll have access to wholistic design resources such as reflection exercises, mindful practices for clarity & more.


Custom Website

If you already have a brand that is refined, either longstanding or after a Brand Identity Package, you can opt to have a custom website build outside of the Complete Brand Package. You will receive the resources to write your content in an aligned way, so that the look, feel and sound of your site is completely YOU and inspired. Choose between a Wix or WordPress site, cost differences apply. This price is for a 5 page site with custom graphics but does not include any Brand Identity creation items. You must have a current visual identity to book this offer.



Complete Brand Package (Brand Identity +Website +Online Course Access + Copy Editing + Social Plan + Stationary)

This is a complete one-to-one wholistic design program with design launching the brand of your dreams. We will create a custom strategy, suite of design items from logo to website concept, photography plan, social media plan, aligned copy writing and with mindful resources in 6 weeks. This program will light you up and spark your joy, confidence and excitement for sharing your mission with greater impact and ease. Access the 6 week Brand Course as a bonus for signing up for this package, with TONS of resources, guidance and go deeper items.


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