About Consultations

Are you looking for some clear guidance on how to move forward, feeling uncertain about your direction, or wanting to refine parts of your space/brand or business? Our consultations offer a big dose of clarity, confidence, centering and strategy. Often a short call with some clear insight can completely transform your direction. We’ll take you out of overwhelm and confusion and into clarity and confidence. When you book a consultation you will access our years of experience, our resource library and wholistic resources to support you bring your whole self to the table in whatever you choose to create.


Discovery Call, 15 min | Free

Are you curious about wholistic design and wondering if it is right for you? In this 15 minute call you can ask questions about the process, which offering would be the best for you and we can get to know each other. Use this consultation to discuss mindful offerings, Spatial projects or Brand Identity projects.


Wholistic Design Consult, 60 min

Are you looking for some feedback on your brand, a design project or text? In this hour long call, you’ll receive input, clarity, feedback and suggestions to move forward. I will help you find the confidence and alignment you are longing for to move forward with greater ease. 


Design Clarity Session & Concept Board, 90 min + Concept Board

Your design concept board and mission statement for your most powerful creations and purpose. This includes a 90 minute wholistic design session comes with a custom board to capture the look and feel of your essence and mission (can be used for BRAND or FENG SHUI/SPACE) . This will be an incredible tool for moving forward to share your vision with clarity, ease, confidence and joy. If you want design clarity, want some direction before going DIY or refining what you are working with for greater confidence this is the way to go. 


Custom projects are available. Use the form below to share as many details as possible, or book a FREE discovery call to see how we can help.