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Hello, I’m Lisa. I have loved making things beautiful since I was a little girl, constantly rearranging my room and making hand-made cards. My love of beauty and language followed me through life and I competed a combined degree in Visual Arts and English Language followed by a Masters Degree in Visual Art where my research focused on the physicality of language and communication in ‘visual’ art, art space and communication. 

As an artist, I have often worked with found objects, transforming discarded things into beauty and new life. This process of transformation is my medicine, and what I bring to my life and work. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to see the potential in things, in themselves or in their work. I love supporting my clients in mining their stories for gold. This is where the hard-won lessons and life experiences that built your character become the fuel for improving the lives of others, the spark of light and love in your brand that sets you apart, and the integrity that people can feel when you walk into a room.

I believe in the power of beauty and connection to heal, to uplift and to inspire. I use the term Wholistic Design because I believe that design is a process of transformation that can help us access and share our best selves and to make the impact that we are truly meant to. I also believe that good design impacts not just our eyes, but our whole beings to make us feel nourished.


  • MFA (2009) Visual Art, Specializing in Mixed Media 
  • Royal College of Art, London UK placement (2008)
  • BA (2007) Visual Art & English Language & Literature
  • Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate
  • Conscious Communication, Level 2 Teacher Training
  • Life Cycles, Level 2 Teacher Training 
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga for At Risk Youth Teacher
  • Yin Yoga Teacher
  • BSchool with Marie Forleo


  • 2013-2020 Sacred Arts Co-Founder 
  • 2016-2020 Vice President, The City of Camrose Arts and Culture Council
  • 2015-6 The City of Camrose Arts and Culture Master Planner 
  • 2011-2 Communications & Creative Design Manager, Arctos & Bird Management, Banff
  • Curator & Collections/Project Manager, The Juniper Hotel, Banff
  • 2010-11 Program Coordinator, Literary Arts, Banff Centre
  • 2010 Instructor, Drawing II: Alberta College of Art and Design
  • 2009 Assistant Instructor: Art Fundamentals 2D, U of Calgary
  • 2008 Assistant Instructor: Applied Concepts in Art, U of Calgary


Since 2007, I have exhibited artwork and developed art spaces both nationally and internationally including in St. Catharines (Rodman Hall), Oregon, Calgary, Toronto, Germany, Nova Scotia, Switzerland, Berlin and Japan. I have also curated exhibition and art spaces. A complete exhibition list can be submitted upon request.

Please contact me for a complete publication and presentation list. I have published art reviews, my own research and exhibition catalogues. 


I am grateful to have received awards and grants including:

  • City/Community Project Grants Untapped Emerging Artist Award The Artist Project Toronto
  • URGC Thesis Research Grant Centre for Research in Fine Art Research Grant
  • Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Elsie Mary Bell Scholars Endowment
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts Master’s Scholarship International Research Grant: U of Calgary
  • Graduate Research Scholarship Graduate Studies Award, Harpweaver Award for Visual Arts
  • Senior Scholarship in Visual Art, Brock University.


Our team and collaborators are a talented bunch and support projects in a variety of ways.

Here’s a little peek at the team roles:

IAN – Graphic Design & IT, Tech support

AMANDA – Social Media Manager, Engagement Specialist & Admin Support

DARLENE – Copywriting & Content Writing